Paying for content

It's been a long while, but it seems we're getting closer to the point where you can actually pay your way out of getting easy access to movies, series and live sports on a multitude of platforms. We could have reached this point much faster, but, you know, willingness to change has always been lacking from those who had an interest in keeping the status quo.

For posterity (I'm sure this'll be interesting to me at least, at a later point), here's what I pay for today:

  • HBO: 79 kr.
  • Netflix: 79 kr.
  • TV2 Play: 129 kr. (they were showing Tour de France, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯)
  • Viaplay: 229 kr. (so I can see some Danish football matches, as well as some European league games, and, most importantly, Champions League)
  • NuTV/Dplay: 159 kr. (the rest of the Danish football matches, as well as international games, Premier League and Europa League)

675 kr./month. (~$100) to be able to see some old movies, new series and a ton of live sport.

Not sure if it's unreasonable, actually. It's just quite a bit.