"Message Experience Design"

Designing for messaging will become a discipline as important as responsive design, and will incorporate skills as diverse as copy writing, business analytics and API programming. You thought microcopy was important now!

From this post on Medium.

Phil Gyford asked on Twitter who wrote a good piece about text-based messaging interfaces, and of course it was on BERG's blog:

Slack-integrations are, as Slack itself, super hot right now, but I don't think it's a fad. There's something about just asking for stuff in a natural way and letting the computer figure out what's the best answer. Siri (etc.) comes close, but I don't like talking to computers. I want to write them instead, which makes the Slack "bots" perfect.

At Opbeat, we've set up a few bots in Slack for delegating stuff on Pagerduty ("put X on primary from now"-ish) or figuring out who's in charge of a staging server ("sudo server claim production", with sudo being our version of Hubot).

Those text commands have a graphical UI somewhere as well, but it's just so much more fun and efficient talking to them.