Karl Lagerfeld interviewed in The New York Times

Karl Lagerfeld interviewed in The New York Times

As always, the interview is a treasure trove of memorable quotes:

I don’t believe in stress. It’s a job, one should not become hysterical.

Also, I didn't know Lagerfeld had been designing for Fendi for 50 years. He doesn't think it matters much either:

Q. The haute fourrure collection will mark your 50th year at Fendi, but I’m told you don’t like the word “anniversary” — you don’t like looking back.

A. No, no, no, no. This is one of the sicknesses of our period, to look back. No, forget about it. Fashion is now and tomorrow. Who cares about the past? But at Fendi, they like to tour the past.

In general, one could get the impression Lagerfeld really doesn't like talking about the past:

I don’t take ideas from my own past. Sometimes I see things [and say], “Oh, it’s not that bad.” And people tell me, “You did that 20 or 30 years ago.” Maybe — I forgot. As long as you’re in the business, you must not think about your own work. In Germany, they made a huge exhibition of everything I did, Fendi, Chanel, Lagerfeld, Chloé and all that. I’m not even going to the show. I don’t care.

You don't feel the weight of all that history behind you?

There’s no history. I don’t even have archives, myself. I keep nothing. What I like is to do — not the fact that I did. It doesn’t excite me at all. When people start to think that what they did in the past is perhaps even better than what they do now, they should stop. Lots of my colleagues, they have archives, they look at their dresses like they were Rembrandts! Please, forget about it.

"Please, forget about it." Perfect.

I could quote it all, but this is the last one:

Do you worry about not having enough ideas? I wouldn’t expect so.

No, no, no. I don’t believe in waiting for inspiration. The French say, l’appétit vient en mangeant, the ideas come when you work. I work a lot for the garbage can. I have huge bins next [to me], for whatever I do, 95 percent goes to the bin.

"The ideas come when you work." Yes! "I work a lot for the garbage can." Yes yes yes!