Dustin Curtis: "Fixing Twitter"

International man of mystery, Dustin Curtis, delivers advice on five things he'd do to "fix" Twitter.

Usually, the advice given in this form should be taken with a grain of salt, but they are actually great ideas. I don't know if they'll "fix" Twitter, or if Twitter needs/wants to be fixed. I love the way it is right now, but I'm adverse to change and not what the stock-owners are looking for (using third-party tools instead of the official clients and blocking all and every ad I can get away with).

This idea in particular stood out:

Second–and this one is obvious to almost everyone–Twitter needs to focus on realtime events. When I open Twitter during a major debate in the US, or when a bomb has exploded in Bangkok, there should be a huge fucking banner at the top that says “follow this breaking event.” It shouldn’t just search for a hashtag–it should use intelligent algorithms to show me all of the relevant content about that event. It should be the place you go to learn about what is happening in the world right now. When something major happens in the world/your country/your city, you should be trained to immediately and automatically think, “open Twitter to get updates.”

This is what I used to do when something happened. Open Twitter, find the hashtag and go through the latest tweets. It was much faster, and much more reliable than going to any news website.

I think there's a huge opportunity in working that angle a whole lot more; maybe the new Moments-feature is a good first step in that direction?

Either way, all five ideas from Dustin Curtis are well worth reading through and thinking about.