Cory Doctorow on leaving London

That one family is leaving London is not news in itself, but I sense a trend in this, as I'm seeing more and more people feel this way about the places they've lived and worked:

It's awful. We're not poor. Hell, in any other city (and by national standards), we are the one percent. The poor people we know and live near are in much worse shape -- for one thing, they can't leave. We've seen the writing on the wall: this is not a city for families. It's not a city for people running small firms. It's not a city for people who earn their living in the arts. We've given it the best we have, and we're getting out because we can.

Dave Galbraith's tweet is a nice extension to that trend:

Copenhagen is nowhere near the level of these problems (though it's not without its creases with the new government and all), but I'm not impervious to that lure of having a house somewhere cheaper, as long as there's fast internet and an airport nearby.