Automate the routine, personalize the exception

Every organization today is facing the same question: "What do we do about digital?"

"Digital" seems to be a blessing and a curse. Big organizations, dragging their feet, know they have to do something about the shift, but they have no clue what. How could they know, when "digital" is so vaguely defined. It's not the 1s and 0s that are making their business obsolete; it's the opportunities given to faster and leaner upstarts they should worry about.

At some point, most institutions' primary goal is to uphold the problem to which they are the solution, and then it must suck to be left in the cold by three dudes in a basement with nothing to lose and less to fear.

Well, here's a tip for you: Penny Webb-Smart got this right, and you should absolutely listen to this. Especially if you're part of an organization that is currently wondering what the heck you should do to make yourself relevant in a world that seems to accelerate ever faster day by day:

Automate the shit out of whatever you can get away with. No one cares about the mundane stuff. Get it out of the way as fast as possible. Where you can really shine, where you are able to leave me with an experience I will cherish and share, is in the exceptions to those mundane tasks. When the going gets tough, and my routine interactions with your organization break, act like a proper grown-up, and take my concerns seriously. Handle the situation with grace and speed, and let me get back to what matters.

That is what you can use "digital" for.